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Bahrain’s leading independent publishers

since 1991

Our publications are circulated with the island’s most widely read English language newspaper and also available at numerous outlets across the Kingdom. From Bahrain This Month to the Woman This Month, annual cookbook and associated guides, our regular specialist publications for the US Navy, the Red House Marketing stable reaches into every area of life on the island with useful, informative guides, interesting interviews, news and events. We cover all areas of life in Bahrain both in print and online through our dedicated dynamic, interactive websites.



The Kingdom’s first monthly social, entertainment and leisure magazine which also features interviews with the island’s movers and shakers and regular detailed consumer features – ‘your essential guide to a great way of life’.


The island’s favourite monthly women’s magazine featuring interviews, news, fashion, beauty and parenting aimed at local and expatriate ‘women of substance’.

An annual production in association with Woman This Month featuring a selection of recipes alongside chef’s specials which highlight the work of our advertising supporters.


The most comprehensive listing resource for the food and hospitality industry on the island, with restaurant directories in alphabetical and cuisine order.


An all-encompassing round-up of the island’s motors industry from official distributors and main dealers for both personal and commercial vehicles to car leasing and rental, servicing and service providers.


A thoroughly researched reference source for hospitals, clinics, dentists, alternative treatments and therapies as well as fitness, spa pampering and healthcare services.


A meticulously through source of information on the Kingdom’s education sector including schools, colleges, universities, institutes, learning centres and related services.


A quarterly guide produced in conjunction with the US Navy for exclusive distribution on the US military base and to visiting ships.

A fortnightly newspaper produced in conjunction with the US Navy for exclusive distribution on the US military base in Bahrain.

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